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About A running list of obscure luthiers, repairman, dealers, and musical instrument manufacturing adjacent individuals who don't necess...

Assorted Luthiers, Repairman, and Dealers


A running list of obscure luthiers, repairman, dealers, and musical instrument manufacturing adjacent individuals who don't necessitate individual pages. These names appear on Mugwumps list of American manufacturers but I hope to provide a little more detail


John Church

John W Gillespie

Lived in Akron. Patented US1728754 for a Banjo Ukulele in 1927. He was a machinist at a 'rubber works'

Charles C Henlein

Probably a misspelling of the guy below

Charles F Henery

J R Holcomb

James R Holcomb sold school and music supplies in the late 1800s

Walter S Holloway

Patented an autoharp in 1908, US975865

William L Hobill

William Hobill was an English music dealer who lived in Elyria, Ohio. He sold pianos

John Henry Holtvoight

1903 Illustration of Holtvoight and his wife
Image Credit:

John Holtvoight was a German patternmaker who lived in Dayton, Ohio. He was born in 1830 and died in 1913.

In 1895 he patented US539056 which was a guitar neck joint where the fingerboard floated above the body

Holtvoight's occupations according to the Dayton City Directory:
  • 1885 - Foreman pattern maker
  • 1894 - Worked as a pattern maker
  • 1896 - Musical Instrument Maker
  • 1900 - Listed under the Musical Instrument category
  • 1901 - ""
  • 1903 - ""
  • 1907 - Musical Instrument Manufacturer
  • 1910 - Listed under the Musical Instrument category
  • 1911 - ""
Census Records
  • 1900 - Listed occupation as a pattern maker
  • 1910 - Listed occupation as pattern maker working "at home"

Howard Eugene Wurlitzer

Eldest son of Franz Rudolph Wurlitzer and heir to the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, Howard was born September 5th, 1871 in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Howard joined the Wurlitzer Company in 1889 and by 1898 was Vice President. In the 1900 census he listed his occupation as a manufacturer of musical instruments. In the 1910 census he described his work as being a merchant of musical instruments and a year later he was President of the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company.

His name appears on some labels of instruments sold by Wurlitzer. The exact origins of those instruments is unclear to me. In 1908, Wurlitzer purchased the factory of Harry J. Flower which I believe was partnered with Andrew Groehsl

George Jaberg

George Jaberg Music Co in Cincinnati 

John Klueber

In 1886, John Klueber patented US337337A, a wood tailpiece

William M Mcallip

I cannot find anything on him

Vincent Moir

Vincent Moir was a metal worker, I covered him in my article on Safe-Ti-String Tuners

Frank Mustill

In 1886, he patented a banjo US350693

In 1899, Frank worked at a cigar box factory and was also a musician in Akron, Ohio

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