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Where did I get it? I picked this amp up at my local Music Go Round after being drawn to its funky faceplate and vibe it gave off. I&...

1966 Custom Kraft 880 aka Supro "Corsica" S6622

Where did I get it?

I picked this amp up at my local Music Go Round after being drawn to its funky faceplate and vibe it gave off. I'm also a little more biased towards Custom Kraft gear being as it was the name of the instruments sold by St Louis Music Co back in the day. They were asking $150 so I traded them an Ibanez Ergodyne that I had done a lot of work on and $30. I wasn't too happy about giving the $30 as I figured the bass would be enough but I shelled it out because the sound of the amp was quite nice. 

3 input jacks, two "high" and one "low"
Tube tremolo and spring reverb.  Missing both doorstop foot switches


The amp is a branded version of the Supro S6622 "Corsica" amplifier that they offered in the late 1960s. These amps were built by Valco in Chicago, Illinois and apparently have a reputation for lush tremolo and all around good sounds. As I've been doing my research on this amp I've found a lot of references to Jimmy Page using one at some point in time which I guess might be why people seek these kinds of amps out. Since it was branded under a local music store name, I figure it was mostly overlooked by their computer system and so I obtained it for a very fair price. This amp had the "Daisy" doorstop footswitches to toggle the tremolo and reverb and you can read my write up on those right at this link here. I need to acquire some new switches as I currently don't have any and so both the tremolo and reverb are "always on" but I turn the intensity down and its unnoticeable. 

Its great for recording at about 5-10 watts and I can really push it to get some nice, natural overdrive without blowing down my house. 
Model No. S6622 amplifier $149.50 Corsica
Catalog scan Image Source
I paid TODAY what the amp retailed for in 1966, not bad
Schematic Image Source


The amp is voiced very brightly, so much so that when I use my Stratocaster I tend to put the bass knob at 12 o'clock and the treble around 10 o'clock and then I still roll my tone knobs off a little bit. It sounds super clean with my PRS SE's humbuckers and I can only imagine that some vintage humbuckers would purr when played through this amp. I prefer to use a TC Electronics Spark mini booster pedal to push the signal from my single coil pickups for a thicker tone and this amp takes it like a champ. The tremolo is in a nice sweet spot and I can get a lot of cool sounds from a subtle vibe to some more intense sounds. I evidently have a sweet spot for a real spring reverb as this is my second amplifier that I've owned with one and they just make me attempt to play Miserlou.

Someone added a 3 prong switch as well as new EHX tubes
Jensen C12-R 12" speaker made in early November 1966
Codes are: 220644 _____ 550-29, C12-R, C7373-4


Overall I've been more and more impressed with this amp and happy with my purchase. It doesn't weigh a whole lot and the groovy look is definitely a head-turner but the most important part is how good it sounds. 

This is my sound demo of the amplifier and its effects


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