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"Do You Know Genuine Sawed Material?" Ad by SammO


Do You Know Genuine Sawed Material Sammo Sammos From the SLICED AND ROTARY CUT MATERIAL which is so commonly used in the manufacture of string musical instruments DO YOU KNOW BIRCH MAHOGANY ROSEWOOD AND GENUINE KOA WOOD From the GUMWOOD SPANISH CEDAR and other materials so often substituted in the manufacture of string musical instruments FOR YOUR INFORMATION Every instrument manufactured in our factory is manufactured from sawed material We do not use rotary cut or sliced material in the manufacture of any instrument WHY NOT In slicing or rotary cutting a piece of material from a log you break the texture it may not show up at the beginning but after the instrument has been finished for a few weeks or few months fine veneer checks will show up in most instances The slicing and rotary cutting is done to save material at the cost of Durability and Appearance Using sawed material costs more money because you lose the width of the saw cut but we insure all instruments against checking which is so common with the class of material It will be our endeavor from time to time to educate as much as possible the various dealers in this class of merchandise in what they are actually buyas you have to stand the brunt if you deceive your customer as a rule but in our case you do not all of our instruments are sold with a signed Guarantee We will assume the responsibility of our merchandise being what we say it is Every instrument guaranteed to be made of the material specified Canvas and Keratol Cases for all Instruments we Manufacture FEE IEKE SAMUEL G OSBORN MFG CO General Sales Office and Sample Room MASONIC TEMPLE CHICAGO ILLINOIS The largest manufacturer in the world of guaranteed trade marked string instruments Sammo Sammos
Image Source: Google Books

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