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Stone Case Co. Brooklyn N. Y. House of Quality The Stone Case Company was founded by Abraham Stone in 1954 after the dissolution of his long...

Stone Case Co - Brooklyn, New York

Stone Case Co.
Brooklyn N. Y.
House of Quality

The Stone Case Company was founded by Abraham Stone in 1954 after the dissolution of his long time business with fellow businessman Max Frost. Both men had been in the fabric business for decades and had absorbed numerous companies under their parent business Frostone Corporation. At various points they owned controlling stock Roseth Corporation (and its subsidiary Roseth Chemical Divison Inc), Odora Company, Spelrein Luggage Corporation, and the Manahan Moth Paper Company [6]. 

Frost & Stone built cases for the Fred Gretsch Mfg Co, H & A Selmer, Brua C. Keefer Mfg Co, Carl Fisher, Buegeleisen & Jacobson, Pacific Music Co, The Vega Co, M. J. Kalashen, Southern California Music Co, and Hafner & Sutphin among many others [4].

  • 1913 - Frost & Stone is formed by Max Frost and Abraham Stone [1]
  • 1914 - F&S are listed in a city directory as being located at 100 Greene Street [2]
1919 Frost & Stone ad
Image Credit: Music Trades Review
  • 1920 - F&S reports "business has tripled within the past six months" and seeks a new factory building [3]
1924 Frost & Stone ad
Image Credit: Music Trades Review
  • 1924 - F&S releases an illustrated catalog of their musical instrument cases 
    • Production of trumpet and clarinet cases exceed 600 a week [4]
    • The factory is located at 51-53 Bergen Street in Brooklyn
  • 1926 - The Frostone Corporation is formed [7]
  • 1926 - F&S launches their 'kompac' line of cases [9]
  • 1930 - The Roseth Corporation, run by Max and Abraham, rents space from Frostone
    • The company produces moth proof bags and linings
    • Located at 200 Tillary Street [5]
  • 1939 - F&S is an exhibitor at the 28th Annual Convention and Music Trade Show [8]
  • 1952 - F&S grossed $243,105 and lost $4,091
  • 1953 - F&S grossed $306,173 and received a net profit of $9,816
  • 1954 - Max Frost ends the relationship between himself and Stone
    • Factory is still located at 200 Tillary Street
    • Abraham's sons Sol and Harry Stone form Stone Case Company 
    • Upon hearing this, Max and his son Leonard form Frost & Son at the 200 Tillary Street factory 
    • A legal battle split up the machinery and assets from F&S among the two companies and provided compensation for the Stone Case Company to locate a new factory [1]
The Stone Case Company was founded in 1954 and continued for an unknown amount of time. 



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