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My acoustic with the Melody Mike soundhole pickup There is no identifying information inside the pickup itself to point me towards a man...

Melody Mike Acoustic Pickup

My acoustic with the Melody Mike soundhole pickup
There is no identifying information inside the pickup itself to point me towards a manufacturer, only that the knob was made by Daka-Ware (common for the period) and that the pot was made by CTS. With that info in hand I set off to Google to try and source some information

Internet Results

Searching the brand and the pickup shows me an Ebay listing for a Melody Mike archtop pickup as well as a Reverb listing for that item, both by the same author.
This item has the same output jack, the same plastic Melody Mike pickup cover (though this one is gold colored), and the same volume knob set up with the brown felt underneath a domed casing with the knob on top. I strongly believe that this was made by the same people and I contacted them to see if they have any information about its source.

I purchased a box full of old guitar pickups from a music store that went out of business several years ago. The store opened in the early 1950's, so most of the stuff in the box was vintage. One of the sound hole pickups in the box is labeled "TP MELODY MIKE PAT. PENDING" on the black plastic pickup cover and "AUDIO EQUIPMENT CO. INC. GREAT NECK, N.Y. U.S.A." on the ON/OFF volume control piece. I can't find any information on this pickup. Anybody heard of this brand?
 None of the 2 comments seemed to know anything about the origins of the pickups but with the information about an Audio Equipment company, I went searching again

Audio Equipment Co 

Based in New York, this company created electronic amplifiers like for military contractshearing aids, and megaphones.

American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, 1954

Boating Vol 19 1966

So they had two locations, the original at 805 Middle Neck Rd in Great Neck, New York and then a newer location which they moved into in the late 1950s  on 75 Harbor Road in Port Washington, New York.

So thats a little background into that company which is fairly unknown on the internet. Now I realize they were likely just the producer of the "switch" mentioned in the above forum post and not actually the manufacturer of this guitar pickup so this information, while neat, is not helpful to the search


I searched US patents far and wide but did not find anything remotely matching this pickup. You can search patents through a US government site but any filed before 1976 have not been entirely digitized and therefore you need a patent number or another key identifying number, which I do not have. 



Contacted Mike at Acme Guitars, a local shop I was told is knowledgeable about old pickups, and unfortunately he had never heard of it. I just created an account on The Gear Page in order to message the creator of this thread about a Melody Mike pickup in hopes that he will have pictures or some knowledge about these electronics.

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